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Nebraska’s most advanced drone service provider.

At Digital Sky, it is our goal to help you Gain Altitude. Whether you need a creative alternative to normal video production, advanced analysis of your crops, high-resolution aerial maps, or even an event live streamed from the air, we can help. We’ve invested heavily in making sure that we provide the best service around. You’ll love what we can do for you.

About Us

We help our clients gain altitude by providing access to valuable products and insights that boost profitability.

Digital Sky is Nebraska’s Most Advanced Drone Company. With the longest history of Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operation in the state, we are leaders and pioneers in the industry. We’re made up of FAA Licensed Pilots, Filmmakers, master marketers, and experts in Agriculture and GIS industries.

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Our Values


In everything we do, safety comes first. Extensive planning goes into each flight to make sure that not only are we not a hazard, but nothing is a hazard to us or our equipment. We don’t like to repair or replace things and so far, with our due diligence, we haven’t had to.


We take pride in all of our work. If one of our videos isn’t good enough to put our name on it, it doesn’t go out the door. If our maps don’t look right, we redo them. If you want revisions, you get them. We love hearing what others think of our work, because seldom is it bad, which definitely boosts our pride.


We believe in constant improvement of both knowledge and skill and feel it is the best way to stay ahead. We love when people come up and ask us about our work. It allows us to challenge the way we think, and respond to questions in new ways, maintaining an open dialogue to advance our shared knowledge.


Having a positive impact on the world around us allows us to advance our industry by maintaining it in a positive light. There are people out there who have negative views of the unmanned aviation industry as a whole, and the only way to change their minds is show them how amazing it truly is.

We use only the best equipment

Different trades require different tools. We’ve got them all.

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