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Nebraska’s Most Advanced Drone Service Provider

At Digital Sky it is our goal to help you Gain Altitude. Whether you need a creative alternative to normal video production, aerial volumetric analysis to save time, high resolution and current aerial maps, or simply aerial photos, we can help! We’ve invested heavily in making sure we provide the best possible drone services around. You’ll love what we can do for you.

FAA Part 107 Certificated, Approved for Night Flight, Fully Insured

What We Do

Video Production

Perfect For

-Marketing Productions
-Social Media
-Action Sports
-Real Estate
-Your Next Awesome Idea!

Aerial Photography

Perfect For

-Real Estate
-Construction Audits
-Legal Documentation

Aerial Volumetrics

Perfect For

-Stockpile Measurement
-Saving Time and Money
-Time Based Audits
-Concrete Recycling

Aerial Mapping

Perfect For

-Design Projects
-Roadway Engineering
-Elevation Modeling

Have a need for drone services that doesn’t fit one of our core areas? Let’s find a solution!

Who We Work For

Our clients include multinational corporations that are looking for a new perspective, global marketing firms that want to help their clients gain altitude, city and state governments, engineering firms, construction companies, and even local startups that need help getting their creative off the ground.

Are you ready to Gain Altitude?

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