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Digital Sky

Is Nebraska’s Most Advanced Drone Service Provider. We specialize in video production, photography, aerial volumetrics, and aerial mapping, all with the most sophisticated drone technology and operators that know how to get the job done.

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Video Production

Whether you’re looking for a marketing production, an aerial video update of your site, or need to see something that you can’t get to. Digital Sky Video is here to help. Unlike other video production companies who only shoot on the ground, or other drone companies who only shoot in the air, we have the best mix of both ensuring we can meet and exceed your needs!

Aerial Volumetrics

“WHAT? You mean to tell me there’s a way to effortlessly calculate the volume of stockpiles and have measurements back in less than 24 hours?” Yep! That’s right. Aerial Volumetrics are our specialty. We can provide measurements that are within 1% of traditional methods in much less time in a more economical fashion.

Aerial Mapping

Sometimes you need an aerial perspective! Digital Sky Aerial Mapping provides fast, accurate, and effective aerial mapping services with a variety of outputs for different needs. From simple topographical maps to complex 3D pointclouds, and even contour lines, our fleet can assist you in getting the job done.


So you want to document your progress to show how well things are going, or where you’re falling behind?
Digital Sky offers a great tool to help keep all the stakeholders on your project well informed on exactly how things are progressing. Simple periodic photo plans will capture the same exact shots every time, and allow you and your team to view them in a convenient online portal.

What Our Clients Say

Digital Sky has done a great job on the work we hired them for. I would definitely recommend them to any contractor that is looking to increase efficiency and save money.

Gretchen Carlson

Director, Nicholson Construction

The outputs that Digital Sky provide are a great selling tool for our business. On top of that, they’re a third party so they can provide an unbiased look at what’s going on from above with no conflict of interest.

Ryan Strait

Manager, TNT Earthmoving

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