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You need to be able to do more with a drone than just see an aerial photo or video. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in aerial mapping equipment. We provide you with advanced insights that allow you to see things like plant health, canopy cover, and even where you need to apply more or less fertilizer. Drones should make your job easier. Don’t pay for a pretty picture, pay for results.

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How to fit Digital Sky Ag imagery into your workflow



Prepare Machinery
Apply Fertilizer
Apply Herbicide
Till, Prepare Seedbed
Plant Seed

Drone Use

Early analysis of soils, tillage, tile & drainage
Topographic survey (production of digital elevation model)



Apply Herbicide
Apply Fertilizer
Apply Fungicide
Apply Insecticide
Irrigation Management

Drone Use

Stand Count and Gap Analysis
Irrigation Management
Observation of Growth Variability
Assess and Observe Nitrogen Needs
Crop State Monitoring for Timing of Applications



Harvest Crop
Manage and Till Residue
Apply Fertilizer/Manure
Land Improvements

Drone Use

Pre-Harvest: Dry Down & Stand Consistency Observation
Post-Harvest: Analysis of Soils, Tillage, and Topography



Machinery Purchases
Input Purchases

Drone Use

Assessment of Input and Machinery Performance

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