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Tourism and Drones, A Natural Fit.

Digital Sky spent the summer of 2015 working with the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau working on a number of videos. These videos covered a wide variety of subjects, and were all focused around the task of promoting the Norfolk area as a place to visit and live. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we were able to help the Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau gain altitude!

We decided as a visitor’s bureau that we wanted to use new, enhanced technology. With the drone video, we felt that we were truly capturing everything that we have to offer here in Madison County.

Traci Jeffrey

Marketing Coordinator, Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau

Big Projects Take Big Plans

We don’t go into any project without a plan. For some, plans are a bit bigger and more involved. Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau was looking for something more than an average video from an average production company. We were able address their needs for showing how there really is quite a bit to the Norfolk area, while making the video inviting and personal. Take a look at the promo!

Norfolk Area Visitors Bureau Promo

Breaking it all down

We broke the project down into several smaller videos so we could really do the entire area justice. By doing this, we are able to more effectively keep the attention of viewers and really focus on subject areas in more detail. From this, we were able to pull together shots from the smaller videos into a video that captures the entire Norfolk area as a whole, all the while remaining fun and engaging.

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