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“We were very satisfied with the Digital Sky experience and we plan to come back to see how we can utilize drones for obtaining video for our future marketing plans.”

Mike Lefler

Senior Director of Strategic Communications, Doane University

Last fall, Digital Sky had the pleasure of working for Doane College (now Doane University). We spent a morning working with their communications department to gather high-quality, stock aerial footage for them to work into their own productions. Digital Sky is known for videos we produce ourselves, but it’s not uncommon for us to work with others who have their own production capabilities but who are not interested in purchasing a drone like the ones we have invested in, and who know that it would take considerable time for them to master the art of capturing breathtaking footage with it.

We caught up with Mike Lefler, Senior Director of Strategic Communications for Doane University, to talk about how they intend to use the footage that we obtained for them, and what it was like working with Digital Sky.

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Mike said he heard about Digital Sky when he “first began looking around for somebody that could offer dynamic footage of campus.” He stumbled upon our website where he found work we had previously done for another University. “I was able to take a look at some of the things they had done for other higher education institutions and really liked the perspective that they gave to other campuses.” As far as Digital Sky’s competitors go, “We looked at a few different companies from both out of state, and locally, but none seemed to be able to provide quality like Digital Sky.” One would think a University could afford to purchase their own drone, so I asked Mike about that, and he said, “We looked at purchasing our own drone for a while, but for us it came down to having the experts that know what they’re doing, and are able to have the vision of what’s going to be the best visually, and that was really important to us.” Choosing Digital Sky was all about making the process as simple as possible. “The thing that surprised me the most was how easy the entire process was. We got a ton of footage in only half a day, and we suggested some things that we thought would work well. They captured that, but then took it to the next level to capture things we hadn’t even thought of.”

“The thing that surprised me the most was how easy the entire process was.”

Mike said they have already incorporated the aerial footage we were able to obtain for them into some of their marketing materials, and they plan to continue to use it for years to come. “One of the best aspects of Doane is the beauty of our campus, and we plan to take the video and incorporate it into our messaging so that potential students can get a feel for campus before they even set foot here.”

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