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Digital Sky’s Newest Promotional Video, Advanced. 

It’s a big day here at Digital Sky! As some of you know, the FAA came out with their regulatory framework called part 107 this August. It contains all the rules that pertain to commercial drone operations. One of the biggest parts of this is part 107.41 which states that in all classes of airspace other than class G, authorization must be granted by the FAA before the flight commences. This is fine and all, except for the fact that the FAA takes about 90 days to approve a flight within airspace other than class G.

We’re so excited to be able to say that we were granted authorization to fly within a section of the Lincoln Airport Class C airspace in downtown Lincoln, NE that includes the University of Nebraska-Lincoln city campus, the Railyard, Nebraska State Capitol Building, and everything in between, plus a bit more. Not only is that awesome, but we were able to get the authorization to stay in effect for the next 8 months! Why is this important? Because it makes flying drones in downtown Lincoln legal, for us anyway. This means that any clients we had to turn down before, due to legal constraints, would now likely be able to get the footage they needed.

The process was anything but simple. It included proving to the FAA that what we would be doing could be done safely, and within the bounds of FAR Part 107. Not only did we have to go through the initial request process, but we actually were able to increase the radius of our request area by providing some additional information about the operations we would be doing.

If you’re looking for the best aerial video of Lincoln from Nebraska’s most advanced drone service provider, get started with Digital Sky today!

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