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If you follow what we do, you might have seen that a few weeks ago Digital Sky was granted airspace authorization for parts of the Lincoln Class C Controlled Surface Airspace. (“Surface” designates areas where the airspace extends to the surface, but that’s a different topic) This is important, because under the new Federal Drone Regulations, it is illegal for anyone to fly a drone inside this airspace without authorization from the FAA. This includes all controlled airspace, which bring us to Omaha. At the time that we announced our authorization in the Lincoln Class C Airspace, we predicted that Omaha would be soon to follow. We are excited to announce that we have been granted authorization to legally fly within a large section of the Omaha Class C Surface Controlled Airspace. This means that, for clients we have been already working with, your flights will be able to proceed as planned! And for those of you who have been looking for amazing, professional, and legal drone operations, it’s now even easier to get your idea off the ground! Pun intended. Check out the map below to see if your location is within our approved area for Omaha! View the Lincoln Map here.

Have you had idea about doing something with drones in the areas above? Let’s talk about it! We’d love to help.

You may be wondering “Why didn’t you choose to get more of the Class C Airspace approved?” The answer: Quite frankly we don’t need it. We’ve asked for authorization where we’ve needed it in the past, and where we predict we’ll need it in the future. Do you have a location outside of this area that you want to have us fly? Not a problem, just let us know! We’ve gotten pretty good at getting authorizations.

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