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Inspect the un-inspected. No boom-truck required.


No more time spent with rigging safety equipment. No worrying about falls on the job site. Digital Sky can access places that put your people at risk, that way everyone gets to go home at the end of the day.



24 hours notice is all we need to be able to fit you into our schedule. Need the photos before you get to the site? Just let us know when you need them, and we’ll make it happen. Need to watch live footage of what the drone sees? Not a problem. See it all in HD and let us know where you need a better view, with your own two feet firm on the ground.


Gone are the days of bringing the boom truck out to the job site. Gone are the days of paying too much for liability insurance. No more OSHA fines for you!

Whether you need live video inspections on a high definition screen, or high quality photos a little later, Digital Sky is your source. We can go places that are too risky or time consuming to get to by conventional methods. Easily manage all your inspection data in our online system, and access it where you need it!

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