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Digital Sky Drone Mapping

Precise Fixed Wing Drone Mapping

Our professional grade mapping drones fly longer, and faster, than quad-copters meaning our clients get their data faster. Plus, the fact that they’re equipped with the latest RTK (Real Time Kinematic) technology means your data is accurate and reliable, something the other drones simply can’t promise.

2D Orthomosaics and Contour Maps

  • Geo-referenced High Resolution Maps
  • Accuracy on x and y axis of 1cm (without ground control
  • Accuracy on z axis of 3cm (without ground control)
  • Topographic Contour Lines
  • Compatible with CAD and GIS Applications
    -Training Documentation Available

3D Models and Point Clouds

  • 3D point density of 2,000,000 points per acre
  • Perfect for Volumetric Analysis
  • Extremely accurate due to RTK system
  • Detailed photorealistic texturing
  • Lifelike Models can be used for visualization, design, and even 3D printing

Digital Surface and Terrain Models

  • Computes accurate elevation value for each pixel
  • High Density Elevation Data in any Datum
  • Integrates with existing GIS workflow

RTK Precision

Rapid Deployment

Proven Safety

Non Invasive

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